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Tease Self Adhesive Breast Forms

Oval Breast Form
starting at only $80/pair

High Quality, Silicone
Slightly Concaved Back

Self Adhesive Backing!
Can be used without a bra*

*Best if used with tight clothing, as the forms still need support, or they will fall off.
Small - $85
Medium - $95
Large - $105
X-Large - $115

About Tease Breast Forms

Classic "oval" style shape. Available in seven beautiful sizes. High quality silicone. Realistic weight, feel and movement. Light tan color with sexy nipples and areolas. If you are looking for a breast form that moves like the real thing, these have a wonderful bounce!

Flirt Size Chart
small .5 lbs each AA/A cup
medium .65 lbs each A/B cup
large .825 lbs each B/C cup
XL 1.05 lbs each C cup
2X 1.25 lbs each D cup
3X 1.375 lbs each DD cup
4X 1.625 lbs each DD/E cup
Above sizes are based on measurements using model 5' 10" with a 38" chest
Your cup size may differ

How to choose the right breast form?
View the above link for help deciding which crossdresser breast form is right for you.

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