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Crossdresser Dresses

Sexy White Dress - Transgender Sexy White Club Dress
on sale, $20

Color: White
Sizes: Small*

* Sorry we only have small (petite) sizes left

Sexy Purple Dress with Back Bow Sexy Back Bow Dress

Color: Purple
Sizes: Large and XL

Sexy Blue Summer Dress - transgender fashion Sexy Teal Dress

Color: Teal
Sizes: Medium and Large

Sexy White Dress for Transgender Sexy White Dress

Color: White
Sizes: 12 and 14

Sexy Red Transgender Dress Sexy Red Cocktail Dress

Color: Red with Black Accents
Sizes: Large

Sexy Red with Black Lace Dress Sexy Red Lace Dress

Color: Red and Black
Sizes: Large and XL

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Crossdress High Heels
The perfect accessory for an evening gown.

About our Crossdress Dresses

Flirty, fun, sexy, glamorous - all these words describe our dresses. Find the perfect crossdressing dress for your special evening. Long and short styles hand-picked to fit and flatter men. Paired with our breast forms and buttock enhancers, you'll be the envy of all the boys (and girls.)

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