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Crossdressing Dictionary

If you are "out of the closet" or just peeking around the corner for the first time, some of the terms and abbreviations associated with crossdressing can get a little overwhelming. this list will help clarify questions you may have. Note: these are my personal interpretations, not official dictionary definitions.
  • CD  crossdresser
  • crossdresser  one who occasionally wears the opposite sex' clothing
  • transvestite  commonly wears the opposite sex' clothing, and makes a great effort to "pass" as the opposite sex. sometimes (mainly in the past) dressing is associated with sexual arousal.
  • transsexual  lives as the opposite sex; may have had surgery (breast implants) or take hormones
  • tranny  slang for transvestite
  • gaff  special "ladies' panty" designed to fit a man, and conceal male genitals
  • TG  transgender
  • M2F  male to female
  • F2M female to male
  • GG  genetic girl
  • TS  transsexual
  • purge  often, cross-dressers throw away all their opposite-sex clothing, makeup, etc in an effort to "give it up," then buy it all again later
  • being read  being identified as your "natural" sex, rather than that you are portraying
  • pass/passing  able to wear the opposite sex' clothes, and not be identified as a crossdresser
  • SRS  Sex Reassignment Surgery - mainly referring to the bottom procedure
  • transgender  crossing of the gender line you were assigned at birth
  • transitioning  in the process of changing gender premanately


Despite lobbying and educational efforts, cross-dressers (as other "non-conforming" pockets of society, including gays and transsexuals) are, for the most part, considered "abnormal" by society at large. cross-dressing or "transvestic fetishism" is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association (DSM-IV), labeling it as a mental disorder known as a "paraphilia," marked by sexual arousal or fantasies involving ordinarily non-sexual items (in this case, women's clothing.)

whether you are a cross-dresser, a tranny girl or a pre-op transsexual, you have the right to be who you are. Remember, though, that not everyone thinks this is okay... think "hate crimes," and be careful.