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How to Pass as a Woman

If you crossdress, chances are you want to pass.
You desire to go out in public without someone looking at you and wondering, is that a man?
If you pass, it opens the door for a lot more activities, and a lot more fun! Shopping. Movies. Travel. You name it. Passing is a thrill that every cross dresser should experience!
So how do you pass?
Master these six basic Crossdresser essentials.

Hair is incredibly important. Just look at all the glamour magazines. Look at the models and actresses, then look at Sports Illustrated, and look at the men. Women's hairstyles are gorgeous, wavy and long. Men's styles are short and, well, male. Just putting on a nice long wig will do wonders in transforming you from male to female.

What kind of wig should I buy? Choosing a wig depends on many variables, including the shape of your face. The best thing to do is try on several styles and see what looks best on you. I find that wigs with bangs look better on me, and make me feel more feminine. Make sure that the color of the wig works well with your skin tone. If your skin is dark, you probably aren't going to look very believable in a blonde wig. But, if you are pale skinned, a blonde wig would probably look very nice. Buying a wig with highlights, or frosted tips, can also be nice, since that is in fashion. Another advantage to a long wig is that it helps to hide your neck, and maybe more importantly, your adam's apple.

One curse of being a male - you may have hair everywhere you don't want it. Be aware of any place you are showing skin. If you see hair, chances are, someone else will too. So girls, it's time to pluck, wax or shave that body hair.

Without makeup, most men can't look anything like a woman. With makeup, it is surprising how stunning some crossdressers can look. So how do you learn these CD makeup tricks?

Read, Watch and Learn!

The internet is a wonderful tool for learning how to apply makeup. YouTube has many great videos. Just sit back and soak in the knowledge. You see women with beautiful makeup jobs. These women weren't born with this knowledge; they had to learn it. And so do you.

Tranny Closet Recommendation:

Go to a makeup store or makeup counter in a department store. Ask them what color foundation you should wear. Ask them if they can give you "smoky eyes." They will be glad to talk with you, and will apply make-up right there. Make sure you position yourself in front of a mirror so you can watch the process. Ask lots of questions. I have never had a negative experience at a makeup counter. The salespeople (men and women) have always been extremely helpful and friendly.

The two basic makeup applications you need to learn are day, and night. Day needs to subtle and natural, Evening makeup is more dramatic, with more emphasis on the eyes. I'm not going to get into the "how to" with makeup, As YouTube and your local cosmetics stores will be the best resources for you to learn by.

Finally - make your nails feminine. I include fingernails under makeup because "makeup" is the altering of your physical body using colors. If you haven't already noticed, nail salons are everywhere! For a relatively small amount of money you can get beautiful, long nails. Be aware though, these nails don't come off easily. So plan another trip to the salon to have them professionally removed. You can do your own nails and save money, but I would recommend going to a salon. And remember your feet and toenails! A pedicure is also a must.

You're dressed to kill. Your makeup is flawless. Your hair is gorgeous. You have heavenly curves. You walk up, oozing with femininity, to the nightclub bar. The bartender asks you want you would like to drink - and out comes this horrible, unnatural, comical female voice. You have just been "made."

Voice and Mannerisms can be the two most difficult things to master. And with a femme voice, practice makes perfect. Don't expect to have it in a couple of days, or weeks. It could take months to years to get this down. There are videos for sale, but I would recommend watching some free YouTube movies first. Practice everyday for 15 to 20 minutes. Be sure to drink lots of water so you don't damage your voice. It's a lot of work, but when you get that voice, you'll be totally excited. Then you can march back up to bartender and ask for a drink.

Whether it's a dress and high heels, or jeans, a sexy top and sandals, a cross dresser needs femme attire. It's like a present with wrapping paper and bow. So, how do you pick out the right clothes? Well, to pass you need to look at your age, your body type and where you are going. If you are 6' 2", 225 lbs and you are going to the grocery store, I wouldn't recommend high heels and a mini skirt. You have to be realistic. That's not to say that you can't wear heels and a mini, just not to the grocery store. That outfit would be appropriate for a transgendered bar.

Most guys have broader shoulders and larger arms, so if this defines you, then I would aim to cover up these areas. Try 3/4 or full length shirts. Flared sleeves also work well to hide those "man" arms.

Try to pick out your best "feminine" feature. Whether it's your face, legs, feet or butt, if it's nice, show it off!

Feminine Curves are mandatory for cross dressing! Well, actually it's not mandatory, but if you want to pass as a woman, it sure helps. The curves we are talking about are breasts and hips. The most important curve is the breasts. So, lets concentrate on that. Most cross dressers start at a young age, and probably the most used item stuffed into bras is the sock. Well, the sock doesn't cut it anymore, especially with the great breast forms on the market. Tranny Closet sells some of the most realistic breast forms you can find. These forms feel like the real thing and move like the real thing, and this is exciting news for any crossdresser.

What size should I buy? This depends on your weight and height. If you are skinny and average to below average in height, you would probably look best in a smaller breast form (small to large, filling cup sizes A to C), but if you are tall and maybe a little heavier, you should consider larger forms (XL to 4X). For those who are financially secure, I would recommend buying two different size forms. For example, if you are 5' 10" and 150 lbs, get a size large and a size 2X. You may find that sometimes you want to be a little more busty and strut your stuff for all to see, and the larger forms will do the trick.

Although we don't currently sell them, butt pads can add a nice touch to your feminine Body as well.

Mannerisms - how you walk, how you sit, how you talk (not your voice, but the tilt of your head, your hand gestures) - are crucial to master if you want to pass as a believable woman. Watch how women walk, talk, sit, and you'll see that guys and girls are different. I feel that dressing up is like being an actress. I want to fool everybody with an Oscar-worthy performance.

Women walk with their shoulders back, and their chests out. Men tend to slouch. Men walk with their hands in their pockets. Women do not.

The best way to learn is to watch and study, and practice, practice, practice! In front of a mirror is best.