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Transgender Laser Hair Removal in Seattle

When it comes to laser hair removal, there are many choices in and around the Seattle area. But only one specializes in the transgender community. Lynda Ivans at Seattle Beautiful Skin. She belongs to the Emerald City Social Club, has participated in Esprit (NW transgender conference) and has been serving transgender clients for years. She shares an office in downtown Seattle with Dr. Lisa Precht (breast enhancement surgery) and works closely with Dr. Marci Bowers SRS ( SRS - Sexual Reassignment Surgery).

If you are considering laser hair removal. I would recommend the service. Start small. Your back is a good starting point. Clothes feel better when they rest upon your skin and not a layer of hair. If you have a problem shaving, ingrown hairs, etc, you will find hair removal to be very pleasant experience. You'll be asking yourself, 'Why didn't I do this years ago.'

To contact Lynda, call 206-715-7912
Visit her website at

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