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  • Premier Semi Round Self Adhesive Breast Forms


    TRANSFORM PREMIER™ Semi-Round Silicone Breast Forms with Changeable Adhesive Pads are fuller and rounder in shape like our non adhesive TRANSFORM PREMIER™ Semi-Round Forms. They still offer that the “implant” look of enhanced breasts but they adhere directly to the chest wall. The unique new adhesive back layer is all silicone and will stay sticky for many wearings. What makes these forms different is that the back adhesive pads can be easily removed and new ones applied if the forms begin to lose “stickiness”.

    NOTE - Although these are self adhering, they will still need some support. Most dresses, tops and lingerie have support on top, but if you have a loose fitting item the forms will probably fall off.  Smaller sizes have better adhesion

    Size Chart