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  • Sexy Desire Bra


    These full coverage bra is pretty and comfortable. Just what a girl needs underneath here clothing. Perfect for crossdressers, as it holds most breast forms very nicely. Comes in sizes 36 through 42 and cup sizes B through DD.

    • COLORS: Black, White, Pink, Maroon, Steel
    • Lace Accents
    • Back Closure
    • Adjustable Shoulder and Back Straps

    How to determine your bra size

    Using a fabric tape measure, measure the distance around your chest at the bra line, or below where your breast forms would sit. Keep the tape measure snug. Take this measurement and add 4 inches for your bra size.

    (If you measure 34 inches, your size would be 38. 34 + 4 = 38)